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About VGI



To prepare Paramedical Technician with a sound educational programme in Paramedical Science to enable them to function as efficient members of the health team, beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of health care settings.

To develop Paramedical Technician with ability to co-operate and co-odinate with members of the health team in the prevention of disease, promotion of health and rehabilitation work.


On completion of the programme the students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in providing health care services to individuals, sick or well, using medical process.
  • Assess the Paramedical Science need of clients from birth to death.
  • Plan and carry out appropriate action to meet medical needs.
  • Provide effective helth care for maintaining best possible level of health in all aspects.
  • Promote self care in people under their care.
  • Apply problem solving techiques in Paramedical practice.
  • Evalute effectiveness of Helth Care.
  • Apply knowledge from the humanities, biological and behavioral sciences in functioning as anurse.
  • Participate as member of the health team in delivery of curative preventive, promotive and rehabilitative health care service.
  • Mobilise community resources and their involvement in working with the communities.
  • Demonstrate use of ethical values in their personal and professional organization.
  • Recognize the need for continuing education for professional organization.
  • Demonstrate basic skills in teaching patients and giving Helth care to them.
  • Demonstrate basic skills in administration and leadership while working with other members of health team and community.
  • Assist in research activities.
  • Function effectively with members of the health team and community applying the knowledge of human relations andcommunication skills in her work.
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